Madalyn Milazzo

Hello bright curious women. Here’s a little bit about how I’ve landed here…

I have a solid 24 years experience in the arts. Singing, dancing, acting, teaching and performing has been my life since I can recall. I have taught and performed Latin dance for over 10 years now here in Australia and abroad, and have honestly loved every second of it. But something that always lived quietly inside me was gently tapping on my heart to open in the last few years. And that was THIS work.

I’ve done personal development workshops for my own healing and growth that were absolutely incredible, one of which (R.E.A.L Woman 1) I had an experience that allowed me to overcome my fear of reaching for this work, and stepping confidently onto the path I am on now facilitating movement therapy based workshops. I’ve known for quite some time that movement is healing, and it has been my medicine for many many years. So I thought…if it can help me, maybe it can help others too? Something deep in me always knew it could, I just needed that little nudge over the edge from the universe to create a workshop to facilitate it.

So here I am, sharing what I know, love and hope to be something of use to you. This work can open your heart, centre your body, steady your mind, loosen your grip on something that causes you pain, enable you to reach for something you have been too fearful to reach for (me), it can allow you to see yourself with more compassionate eyes, to embody your emotions and move through them and it connects you on a whole other level to beautiful women in openness and pursuit of self healing and self love. I’m immensely grateful that I’ve listened to the call to do this work.

I feel eternally privileged that women trust me to do so. I invite you to do the same x